Hi! Welcome to my blog. Around here I go by VictoryInTrouble but you can call me Vic. Here you will find stories with romance, some adventure, maybe some fangs or maybe not.

Not sure you like vampire fan fiction? Try an all human story(listed below). There are several. Don’t want to commit to anything that will take a while to read? Try a little bit or some flash fictionΒ orΒ poetry. I have some original fiction, too.

Human Stories

You’re a Dream to Me– complete, one-shot

Hollywood – complete, one-shot

Guard Your Heart– complete, two parts

Birthday Wishes– complete, two parts

Express To Forever– complete, short story

Bookstore Score– complete, short story

Shave and a Haircut– complete, short-ish story

Getting It On– complete, 25 chapters

Northman’s Nanny– complete, 61 chapters

In Progress:

Worth the Wait– in progress, short story



Stories with bite (supernatural)

Love Bites(M/M action and M/M/F threesome)- complete, three parts

Unexpected– complete, two parts

Anew– complete, two parts

Captive– in progress, short story

We Wear the Mask– in progress, 21 chapters

Click on the story title in the bar above to find a description of the story. Happy reading! πŸ™‚

MostΒ of my stories so far have lots of sex in them so beware of the MA rating and stay out if you are under age. Thanks!

Thanks for checking out my blog! πŸ˜€


I will add the normal disclaimer here in case I forget elsewhere: All recognizable characters, setting, plot, words, etc., are the property of their creators- Alan Ball, Charlaine Harris, HBO, etc and there is no infringement intended. I just like to play with the characters they created and put them in new scenarios and I do so for no monetary gain.

77 thoughts on “Home

  1. Aww, I made it to the reportable lemons too. The story wasn’t so tame :/ but I ended up pulling all of my M rated stories since I’d already had one pulled. Eff ’em. I’d rather post whatever the hell I want over here with little to no judgement.

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      • Unleash him all you’d like, dear! None of us will complain! Oh, hey! Maybe somebody REALLY creative with lots & lots of imagination (mags) might be able to come up with the badge that Mistress Jessica mentioned (mags)… I’ll try to think of someone… (mags) Am I being subliminal enough? I’m proud to say that I got to read some of Missy’s stories before Big Brother stomped his foot all over FF, and they were & are great! WordPress is terrific, and all of these ladies are just wonderful. I’m a little late getting to your stories, but I’m loving them. Hell, I’m always late, just start without me!

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  2. Hello there!
    Have you been posting any new chapters? I haven’t seen any new updates on Fanfiction Minions… As I look on here, I realize I’m not “following” you, and thought I had clicked on that. I’ll do that now since I don’t want to miss a word of your fabulous stories! Hoping to get an update soon! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

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  3. I didn’t need a six foot Viking to tell me to love you and your stories cause I already do, but when he said he wanted to come with me, well…I’m not dumb. *hugs from me and Eric Northman* Keep writing those great stories so I can imagine reading them to him in bed πŸ™‚ *Smoochies*

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  4. Eric don’t send me.

    Sookie sends me to say she wants to be really happy and not remain in the places where her β€˜owner’ has left β€˜belonging’.

    And your stories are a good place to belong to her.

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  5. Hi there, Victory! I’m new to your work, but I found you by reading Masked Truths via American Android’s Historical Fiction contest and I LOVED it! So clever! Are you planning on doing any more with these characters? Are you going to put up a story page here for me to drool over? LOL, cause I totally will!


    [P.s. Everyone MUST check out these wonderful stories if you missed it, but beware, the contest has ended. https://area5bloodypen.wordpress.com/historicalfiction/%5D

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  6. Hello lovely lady! I nominated you for some of the You Want Blood awards a couple of weeks ago and wanted to again for the New Blood ones too. You’ve only been writing for a year, right? I wanted to double check and make sure. Loved your Rainbow poem yesterday BTW!

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  7. *sigh* am on the WordPress version of YouTube. Popped on to read Northmans Nanny (again), then read GIO (again) and am now almost done with Captive (again). And Bookstore Score is already calling my name…………….

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  8. I love your “we wear the mask”! are you going to put another chapter up soon and get eric some revenge on bill and nan? as they said a few years ago, WAITING SUCKS! I love you writing, there just isn’t enough of it.

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  9. You know what I like, I like CHAPTERS of Northman’s Nanny. Poems where the worst in school, and there no different 40 years later. Come back, please…

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      • Trying to resist the urge to point out the different between were & where, and there & they’re *eye twitch*

        Meanwhile, I’m not in love with the poems but I do exactly that, see the word poem and delete the email. I miss NN very much. I didn’t entirely love the final chapter because it felt like something was missing but I also know you intend to have snippets here and there so I’m not too disappointed.  Dunno, maybe it was the long wait between chapters that it felt a tad rushed? Not sure. But I still love your work and need to fight the urge to be innuendo woman whenever I comment


        • The chapter took me forever to write, probably because I didn’t really want to let them go. But there was a lot to cover and I didn’t want to spend time on a bunch of small talk. There is more to their story, of course, so hopefully I can write some follow ups for them.


  10. Hey Vic! This is Megan, aka Dr. Meg. I’ve started a second blog for some edgier material, since I try to keep my personal blog semi professional and its not anonymous. Also I dragged Sandra and Diane along with me! I hope you’ll check it out!

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